Continuously winding glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe jacking

Continuous wound fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic pipe- jacking (abbreviated as GRP) is a new type of pipe jacking made from resin, glass fiber (continuous + short cut) and quartz sand by continuous winding process. The pipe has axial reinforced short cut glass fiber which improves the axial compression strength.


Performance feature

GRP pipe-jacking not only has the advantage of light, high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent hydraulic properties like glass reinforced plastic pipe, but also has the following characteristics.  

1. High axial compression strength, high allowable jacking force

The index value of axial compression strength ≥85MPa, The typical value is about 95 Mpa, the allowable jacking force is greater than that of the traditional pipe, the distance between the two operational wells can be long.

2. Applicable to all kinds of working conditions.

GRP pipe-jacking is not easy to sink in muddy soil and is suitable for various complicated working conditions.   


Application field: it can be used in the roads that are not suitable for excavation, such as river, railroad track and highway. 

Specification model


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