Continuous wound fiber Glass reinforced plastics pipe(CWFP)

Continuous wound fiber Glass reinforced plastics pipe(CWFP)

Product Introduction

Continuous wound fiber Glass reinforced plastics pipe (abbreviated as CWFP) is an advanced composite material pipe with three-dimensional enhanced structure which is made by 3D printing technology and continuous technology molding. The CWFP pipe has not only the properties of hydraulics and corrosion resistance of plastic pipes, but also has the mechanical properties of metal pipes. The products are widely used in fluid transportation fields such as municipal water supply and drainage, marine engineeringand petrochemical.


Specification and Model of the Product

Nominal Diameter DN (mm): 300~4000;

Nominal Pressure PN(MPa) ≤ 3.2;

Nominal Stiffness SN(N/): 2500, 5000, 7500, 10000;

Pipe joint length L(m)3, 6, 9, 10, 12, 18.

(Note: The above mentioned are standard specifications and may also be made to orders.)



Equipment characteristics


Huafeng New Material Company has three third- generation continuous wound fiber glass reinforced plastics pipe production lines with international leading level. These lines combine modern sensing, information network, automation, artificial intelligence and other new technologies. They have the characteristics of high integration and high information. They can realize remote control and meet the intelligent manufacturing requirements advocated by the government.


Process characteristics

CWFP pipe adopts 3D printing technology (material addition manufacturing) to realize continuous and rapid forming of pipeline by way of layer by layer superposition.



Design feature

CWFP pipe is a kind of a three-dimensional reinforced pipe with pipe wall structure which adopts two kinds of reinforcement methods: circumferential continuous fiber and three - dimensional distributed short-cut fiber at the same time. The pipe wall is connected into a whole through short- cut fiber, which over comes the defects of laminated structure.


Performance features

CWFP pipe has not only the hydraulic properties and corrosion resistance of plastic pipe, but also the mechanical properties of metal pipe.

Basic characteristics

(1) Light weight and high strength


(2) Excellent hydraulic characteristics


(3) Corrosion preventive


Core Features

The three-dimensional reinforced pipe wall structure improves the flexibility and bending strength

1The CWFP pipe is strong in radial deformation, and the pipe wall structure is not easy to be damaged when a large radial deformation occurs

2The bending strength of CWFP pipe is high, and the pipe can withstand the high combined stress caused by internal pressure and external pressure.



Product connection mode

1、 Flexible connection

Flexible connection is the main connection mode of continuous wound fiber glass reinforced plastics pipe, which is connected by sleeve joint that is made of integral rubber sealing ring


2、 Rigid connection

Rigid connection is the auxiliary connection mode of continuous wound fiberglass reinforced plastics pipe, and the rigid connection mode mainly includes flange connection and flat end docking.


 Product parameter



Product application field

Municipal engineering: water supply pipe (original water pipe, water supply pipe, tap water pipe), drainage pipe (rain water pipe, sewage pipe)

Petrochemical Engineering: Pipes for conveying various corrosive media

Marine engineering: seawater desalination project, submarine pipeline project

Agriculture and forestry irrigation and other fluid transport fields.


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