PE pipe for communication

Product features

        1. Corrosion resistance and long service life

In coastal areas, the weather table is high and the soil moisture is high. There must be anticorrosive work if using metal or other pipes, and the service life is only 30 years. However, PE pipe can withstand a variety of chemical media and never be affected by soil corrosion.

        2. High toughness

PE pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break is more than 500It is very adaptable to uneven settlement. It has earthquake resistance. Small caliber pipe can be bent arbitrarily.

3. Inner wall is smooth, the friction is small and the cable threading is easy. The construction efficiency is high and construction cost is low.

4. It has excellent insulation.

5. It is so light that can be repaired, installed and transported easily.

6. Small caliber pipes can be coiled up and therere few joints.

7. The pipes can be made into a variety of colors.

8. It has excellent impact resistance at low temperature. The low temperature brittleness of PE pipe is really low and it can be used safely in the temperature range of -2060. Because of its excellent impact resistance, the pipes wont crack in winter.

9. The wear resistance of PE pipe is 4 times that of metal pipe.

10. It can adopt a variety of construction methods, such as excavation and trenchless construction. 

Mechanical properties



1. Executive standard: Q/ZHF010-2007

2. Length: 6m, 8m, 9m

3. Color: white and orange red or it can be customized.

4. Size


Application field

PE pipe is widely used in the sheath pipe system of outdoor communication cable and optical cable including inter-office relay pipe, feeder pipe, wiring pipe and special network pipe as well as communication pipe in special length. 

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